All Services are availble for Walk ins. No appointment necessary but written proof of rabies vaccines is required,

Nail Art

If you want nail designs or nail gems placed on your pets nails we can do so for you.


PediPaw Plus

Pawdicure package includes nail trim, nail grind,  nail polish of your choice, Ears Cleaned.


Nail Cover Application

If you purchase nail covers for your pet we can professionally apply them for you.

$10.00 - $20.00

Nail Polish

We can paint your pets toenails with assorted colors. Please ask the groomer to see color selection.


Nail and Ear

This package includes nail trim and ear cleaning only.


Anal Gland Expression

Anal Gland Expression will only be done if absolutely is required if not it is recommended not express.


Ear Cleaning

Ear Cleaning Only


Nail Grind

This package either a stand only or can be added to your grooming package.


Nail Trim and Grind

We will trim your pets nails first then grind them to remove rough edges.


Nail Trim

Trim the nails only.


Touch UP

This package includes 15 minute brush out/combing, nails and ears. No hair cuts.

$21.00 Small/Medium $26.00 Large/X Large

Brush/Comb Out

This package we can brush and comb your pet out. Just to be known if the comb slides through your pet before the full 15 minutes then we are completed, reason being over brushing/combing a pet can damage the hair and skin.

$6.00 - $12.00 per 15 Minutes or until a comb can be easily slide through

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All Services are availble for adding on to grooming services;


This package will remove 90%-95% of the dead hair from your pet, includes special products being used and extra brushing time. Price is depending on your pets size or the amount of work. 

Already included with Group Premium Pack Prices


You pet will receive either chicken flavored tooth brushing, then followed up with a breath freshener. 


If you think or know your pet doesn't like to have their teeth brushed let the professional staff give it a whirl, we're rarely turned down.


Remoisterizing Conditioners

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Speedy Service

Do you need your pet done quickly? This is your package! We can get your pet done within 30-60 minutes earlier than normal. 

$10.00 -$40.00 Depends on Size

Health Enhancing/Medicated

For coats that require to enhanced or needs some type of medicated shampoo.


Hand Scissoring

Extra Scissoring  Time

$10.00 - $20.00


This package is for used for those pets who require hair plucking or carding.

$20.00 is Additional to Group Premium Pricing


This package will be used if we can not go through your pets coat within 15 minutes.

$5.00 Per 15 Minutes

Nagayu Skin Therapy Treatment for Pets

This package will be used if pets have different skin issues that would normally require treatment by your veterinarian, such as Seborrhea, Ear Infections, Allergies, etc. 

This package is not meant for long term fixes but aid in temporary relief for our pet.

$10.00 for first initial tablet. If more is required then $5.00 for each additional Tablet.

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