Dear Pet Parents, Fur Babies & Family;

If you like to help and with help from square we have e-gift cards available for you to purchase. There are five choices to choose from, for your grooming services.

Small Deluxe $65.00              Medium Deluxe $70.00

Large Deluxe $85.00              Extra Large Deluxe $100.00

The final choice you can choose between $30.00-$100

If you want to purchase an Aqua package (Bath, Nails, and Ears) you can purchase the next size down, so an example for Medium Aqua Purchase Small Deluxe Package.

I may not be able to handle all of them at once but what I can do is divide each certificate to be used over your next six (6) - eight (8)  grooming services.


So example:

  • if you purchase 1 $65 gift certificates will equal $65 divided by 6 grooms you will get $10.83

  • if you purchase 2 $65 gift certificates will equal $130 divided by 8 grooms you will get $16.25

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Thank you, Stay Home and Stay Safe



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Cottage Grove, MN 55016

Phone:(651) 330-8639

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