The Need for Winter Grooming

The one thing we constantly hear from our clients, "This is will my last haircut before winter sets in and will return in the spring for fee-fee/fido's haircut." Many times our pet parents feel that their pet needs more hair to help keep them pet warm, when actually there is no need to wait. We can't stress enough on how important winter grooming is needed for our pets and honestly we feel winter grooming is just as important as summer grooming if not more important. You see we've domesticate our pets so much that they are usually outside long enough to potty and right back in and today's dogs usually put on extra body fat to help keep themselves warm.

We all can agree snow is frozen water right? Well again the snow collects on our pets like snowballs/snowbunnies, it starts to melts and there is knotted fur that has started forming the mat, that mat gets tighter and tighter because of the water and air drying process. I compare the mats to the shoelace affect, get a knot in your shoe lace, get it wet, then let it dry, and you have no choice but to cut that shoelace. Dogs hair coats are the same way.

We're a strong believer that your pets grooming care is a team effort between the pet parent and the groomer, to keep today's pet happy and healthy, As a groomer we can always cut your pets hair longer, but honestly why? Did you know what ever length you do for the summer grooms your pet will be able to tolerate the same hair cut again because of the facts of how we've domesticated the pets and them being outside long enough to go potty and right back in. The owner of Lisa's Fabulous Paws use to keep her little Shih Tzu/Poodle mix 1" long all summer long then when winter was setting in at the end of October/November she would strip him down to less the 1/4" long then just bathed him monthly. No more mats he was happy and healthy. Yes if the temperatures got down to 25 degrees or lower she would put a sweater on and anything below a zero she would double up his sweaters or put on a parka jacket.

It seems many people are afraid to have their dogs professionally groomed and bathed in the cold winter months. This mainly because of myths about the dog's catching cold, bathing causing dry skin problems etc.

This is an article found in Dog Fancy Magazine--

A professional groomer thoroughly dries the dog's coat, and in many cases, the dog is much dryer when he goes home than when he came into the shop to groomed. There is far more danger of dog's catching a cold from his owner? And, as for dry skin, there are many causes, and none should be caused by professional groomer.

In winter months it is natural for a dog to burn up more fats - hence, a diet low in fat or poor in quality is usually the major cause of dry skin. Excessive heat may add to the problem. Harsh shampoos and poor rinsing can also result in dry coat and skin. Last, but not least, lack of frequent brushing also causes skin problems. Brushing stimulates the skin and natural oils that are needed for health, vibrant skin and coat.

I would like to add that many professional groomers, including myself, 'show' dogs. Our dogs are brushed daily and bathed weekly all year round. Their skin is extremely healthy -- absolutely no flaking or dryness, and they have the thicker, most lustrous, beautiful coats of all.

So, let's discard the 'myths' and realize that winters bathing and grooming are a big PLUS in keeping your dog's skin and

coat healthy and beautiful all year round. Your dog will love you for it!

Lorraine Nadeau, Sesame Dog Grooming, Norway ME

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