We all love the 4th of July and Celebrating our Independence Day. But this is the time of year that we need to be more cautious for our pets. Today's Pets and Pet Parents now go to their cabins or get together with other family members by the lake or at a picnic areas. Dogs are food motivated, so your first safety step is to watch your pet around food so they don't get something that they shouldn't eat such as Onion, Chicken Bones, Grapes, Raisins, and ect. It is also important that you watch your pet around both Gas and Charcoal grills for thus can cause your pet to get burnt easily.

Second safety step is to watch your pet around the lake waters. Yes most dogs love to swim which is a given but they also have to kept safe. Don't let them stay in the lake for long periods of time for they too can get exhausted and can hurt them selves, so it's important to call rest periods for our dogs too. We also have to keep in mind that some lakes have Blue-Green Algae which is also poisonous to our pets, so you must not allow your pet swim or drink the water that type of water.

Third and final safety step is to watch your pets around the fireworks. Yes some pets don't mind the fireworks but again we must watch them so they don't get ahold of the the firework because they are poisonous if your pet ingests the unused portions of the firework. Fireworks contain charcoal or sulfur and coloring agents, which is potentially dangerous because of the heavy metals in them. When ingested pets can develop intestinal issues such as vomiting, abdomen pain and bloody stool/diarrhea. If pets digests large amounts they can suffer tremors or seizures, along with acute kidney failure, bone marrow changes, shallow breathing and jaundice 

(yellowing to the skin). But the main thing is fireworks can result in burns to the nose, face, lips and inside their mouth as well as eye irritation and/or conjunctivitis.. For those pets who cannot handle the sound of the fireworks and become extremely anxious, afraid and/or nervous from the explosions, which is perfectly natural for pets to feel this way because pets hearing is more acute which makes them more sensitive to the sounds. Hunting dogs have been desensitized from the sounds and smells of the hunting rifles and gun powders so they won't react like most dogs can. When a pet is afraid of the fireworks festivities they will go into survival instinct mode or flight mode because their nervous systems can't handle the sounds or the smells. Please remember pets experience the fireworks differently than other loud noises, such as thunder, because the sound is closer to the ground and makes the ground vibrate differently. Recommendations are to prepare you and your pets to help them stay safe. Feed your pet a couple of hours earlier than normal, take them out for a long walk and let them relieve themselves before the festivities begin. Then accommodate the pet by either keeping him/her indoors and in a room where they cannot escape easily from or do much damage to the room or preferably keeping them in their kennel. You can start a few months earlier with repeatable endless loop of the sounds of a fireworks display. Also it is extremely important not to fuss, over excite the pet, or even talk to your pet during the fireworks displays because your pet will take your clue or state of mind that your not too concern and your extremely happy with what is going on and they will be less likely to have any anxiety, fear, or nervousness. There is a new item that has showed promise.to help our pets during this time of the year or during thunderstorms, it is calle the 'ThunderShirt' Last and final recommendation if your pet still cannot tolerate the sounds, vibrations, and/or smells then talk to your veternarian about Sadations.

Would you let your pet ride like this?
Would you let your pet ride like this?

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