Important Information Before and After You Come to Get Your Pet Groomed

          We are entering phase 3 after the Corona Virus (Covid-19) quarantine,  we will still rules we to follow the social distancing rules.
          If you or someone in your household is sick please do not enter the facility, please call to cancel your appointment. I would greatly appreciate this and all the guidelines we've put into place to be honored for I am a diabetic and my husband is in his 70's, diabetic, and was recently diagnosed with heart issues last year, and we cannot afford to contract the COVID-19 but we differently want to serve you and your pet(s).



Please Adhere to the following guidelines. If you cannot follow our rules for your safety, health, and well-being including mine and my team members we may have no choice to make decisions that we may have to make, which means you could be subject to be rescheduled or asked to never return again.

NOW YOUR VACCINATED! Great but even though your vaccinated our staff memebers are not and you must continue wearing your face coverings until they are vaccinated. Please watch our door for further information. Thank You.

✔ You can now wait in our lobby area please continue social distancing. 
✔ Please be on time for your appointments.
     ★ If you are too late you may be asked to reschedule.
✔ Please remove your pet's collar/harness/leash and replace it with one of our kennel leads.
✔ Please DO NOT arrive early to pick up! No exceptions. Wait till you are called by us for pick up. If you arrive  early you may end up paying for an incomplete groom and your pet being sent home unfinished.

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