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Can I send someone else to check my pet in?
We prefer only the owners to check in and to authorize services. If the owner is not present at the time of check in, the only service we will perform is our Aqua service.

What do your grooming services include?

Bath with basic shampoo, dry, 15 minutes brushing time, nails, ears, and your choice of style.

Do you bathe pets first?

Yes, we bath all pets before our grooming tools touch pets unless extremely matted situations. This helps the possibilities of cross contamination and/or bacteria on pets. Furthermore, if a pet is injured in our care it has a better chance of healing and not getting infected.

How long should it take for my pet's grooming service?

It typically takes 2-3 hours for all services to be performed. Sometimes it may take longer due to higher volume of calls, walk-in services and/or condition of prior pets. However we make it mandatory to call all of our pet parents either 10-15 minutes before we are completed or immediately after grooming service is complete.

What is your drying process?

All Pets are dried with a High Velocity Dryer. If pets require extra drying time or do not like the dryer then they are caged dried with fans only.

Can I stay with my pet during the grooming process?

Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons we cannot allow pet parents to stay or enter our grooming areas. However, for many of our senior pets with prior authorizations, I may ask for a pet parent to stay to aid in helping to get their pet groomed and home immediately.

What if my pet is matted?

We will make every effort to give you the style of groom you want, but in many cases the hair must be clipped very closely. Every pet parent must sign our matted pet release for authorization to pricing and serves.

Do you use Muzzles?

We have a 3-strike policy for all of our pets. The first two are done with gentle corrections and the third is either an Elizabethan Collar (E-Collar (Cone of Shame) or muzzle. If correction still is difficult, we may have to refuse service.

Do you use tranquilizers, or can I tranquilize my dog?

The answer is simple: we do not work on any pet with any type of sedation including Benadryl. We will work with pets that are being treated with CBD oils only.

Do you use kennel/pens, and if they are unfriendly to other Pets?

We believe in a Kennel Free environment unless someone is not playing nice with others. If any pet is displaying aggression to others, then they may either be placed in a pen or kennels for everyone’s safety.

What if my pet is not spayed or neutered?

All intact males are automatically penned because we do want any oops situations. We discourage all female bitches who are in heat or coming in-or-out from heat from coming into the facility until the bitch is fully out of heat.

Can I bring my own shampoo?

If your vet is requiring a prescription shampoo product, please bring it in. We do use Zymox, Chlorhexidine 3% or Chlorhexidine 3% & Hydrocortisone 1% Shampoo's in our facility. We no longer use Oatmeal shampoo due to health issues for pets. If you bring any type of human shampoo, we will not use it due to pH differentials between human and pet.

What if my pet or any other pet has fleas?

I encourage everyone to have what is recommended by your veterinarian. Because we do not know what every pet is being treated with, we use nothing but 100% pesticide free but effective.

My pet is shedding its Coat and I hate it, what do you reccomend?

We can help and guarantee 90-95% of the dead hair removed from your pets’ coat. We pre blow your pet with our High Velocity Dryer, followed by special emollients shampoo and conditioners to help loosen dead hair. Once your pet is dried, we use up to four to five different tools to help remove even more hair.

Yes, for the first couple of days you may still experience some shedding still happening but after that noticeably quiet. We do recommend coming in every 4-6 weeks for baths and conditioners to help keep your pets shedding down.

How often should I be getting my pet groomed?

To help keep all pets happy and ultimately health, we recommend all pets to visit every 4-6 weeks but no longer than 8 weeks. You do not have a haircut every time you can bath one time then the next service you can do its haircut.

Can you trim my dog’s nails?

Yes, we do! In fact, we encourage all our clients to have their pet’s nails professionally looked at to make sure they are kept short every 30 days or sooner if you have a senior pet. We feel overgrown nails are extremely uncomfortable to your pet and we also feel overgrown nails can feel like to your pet that they are wearing shoes too small for them. If you would like your pet’s nails softer or help get them shorter we can grind/file them.

At what age do you recommend puppies to start their grooming?

We believe once your puppy has its first set of vaccines on board to start it's grooming services. The earlier the start of the Professional World the better it is for both your pet and the groomer. Your new pet has many years (approximately 12-13 years) of grooming ahead of them and once they hit senior years it makes things so much easier to groom because your pet is aware of the procedures.

Can you groom my pet to breed standards?

Yes, we can groom all breeds to their breed specific standards and to your standards.

Do you allow owners to drop off late?

Unfortunately to keep the machines well-oiled we can only allow you a 10-minute window otherwise be subject to be rescheduled.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

We have an extremely strict no call / no show fees. Our computer system auto generates reminders to you via text message and email, one as soon as the appointment is made and again seven (7) and one (1) day prior to your pets’ appointment. If you're unable to make your pets appointment you must call us the day before the appointment to cancel, otherwise be subject to our no-show fees.

What Vaccines are Required?

All pets must be current with written proof of the Rabies Vaccine. If you cannot find your paperwork, we can call your veterinarian to verify it. Sorry, rabies tags are not proof. You may be asked to call your vet ahead to verify that it is approved by yourself for Lisa's Fabulous Paws to talk to your pet’s clinic to get the necessary information.

If your pet is being exempt by your veterinarian, we require to have written documentation from your vet along with a completed blood test. We do encourage all other vaccines such as the Distemper, Corona, Bordetella, and K-9 flu vaccines done to protect your pet.

I cannot pick up, can I have someone else pick up for me?

The answer is Yes. We take safety and security very important to the pets in our care, we need you to please let our staff members know that someone else is picking up with their name. That person is required to have proper picture identification (such as state drivers or id license).

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