As many people are aware I love my pets and I love what I do for a career, working with animals. And many of my clients I always like to bring awareness and any time I find it appropriate educate them about various things that pertain to their pet(s) and/or health and I think it's time to discuss our vehicles and the potential hazzards that could be involved.

If you allow your pet travel in a pickup bed this can be very dangerous for them. Many pet owners have discontinued this practice and now place their pet(s) in kennels during transportation. But if you are one of the few that continues this practice please keep in mind that this is very dangerous because your pet can be hit with road debris, if a pet sees a critter such as rabbits, squirrels, etc they may try to jump out of the truck bed and seriously injuring themselves, and the final possibility is you could be involved with a motor vehicle accident and your pet can potentially be killed.We often see out pets wanting to hang their heads out the car window and for many years groomers have often wondered how out pets today can enjoy the fact of hanging their heads out the car window but when it comes to us groomers using our High Velocity 

dryers they hate it, they both belt out the same amount of air into their faces. I guess we'll never know, but I do know it's very dangerous for your pet(s) to hang their heads out that window. Did you know that your pet can be seriously  hurt from the road debris? All it takes for another vehicle to kick out the loose items off the road from their tires or even as much as your own vehicle kicking up the debris. Here's another food for thought we no longer have manual vehicle windows, this leaves it wide open for our pets to accidentally hit the switch and up goes the window and there's your dog being trapped in that window.

One more thing I am passionate about is both you and your pets safety. I often see pets sitting on owners laps while they are driving. I feel it falls into the category of distracted driving even though there is no laws on it.

Safest place for our pets is either in a car saftey belt or even in a kennel.

Would you let your pet ride like this?
Would you let your pet ride like this?