Would you like your pet to be unique or stand out in the crowd? This may be your package.

Creative stylings are becoming the newest rage for our pets today whether it be a splash of color or whole lotta color or unique design sculpted into your dog's coat. 

All products are completely NON - TOXIC to your pet, we take great pride in making sure the products are safe for every pet.


Chalk is used on the pet to give a splash of color that is temporary (last from 2-6 weeks). Certain colors will wash out immediately but there are some that can be difficult but will wash out eventually.

Pet Tattoo
$5.00 - $20.00

NON TOXIC Chalk, Paint or Hair Colorant that is dabbed into a pre cutout pattern and is used on the pet to give a splash of color or their own tattoo, this is temporary (last from 2-6 weeks) Certain color will wash out immediately but there is some that it can be difficult and will wear out.

Creative - Non Sculpted
$10.00 and up

There are up to four levels of coloring all without any sculpting. Creative package requires extra time scheduled.

Creative - Sculpted

Creative Sculpture is done in three to four sessions. First session your pet is required for preliminary pictures and consultation. Second session your pet is not required and will be a brief final consultation. Third and Fourth Session is coloring and sculpting, Sally breaks will be given to your pet when required. (Sally Breaks are time off the table for your pet). This is a prepaid package.

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