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Software Up Date


As you were aware we were changing our software and we had started the new switch over to the new software program. We have been experiencing some technical difficulties and we are working on addressing them with the new software company but for the most part things are going ok. Currently the old program is no longer usable but we’ve found a way to still access it if necessary.

Our new system when you have access to it, you will be able to edit your own information, your pet information including the capability of sending us a copy of your pets vaccine information. You can also upload a picture of your pet but if we change it to our finish grooming product please do not change it because this will help our pet stylist know what the finish product should look like. We do ask for every to please read the updated terms of services (our policy’s) and digitally sign it before your come (if you cant we do have a copy available for you to read). Our appointment reminders have now changed, you will only get one 48 hour notification for your pets appointment. Also please note if your experiencing any problems please screenshot the problem and text it to 651-347-6663. So I can send it over to the team who is working hard for me.

The new online booking link is now available at otherwise you can still call us to set up an appointment, 651-330-8639 or 651-347-6663.


Thank you for your understanding