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Surgery Up Date


It’s been a super busy few weeks here at Lisa’s Fabulous Paws. For those who don’t know, the date has been sent for my surgery. It will be heading on September 21, 2021. I’m excited but just as equally nervous. I will be in and out of the shop during my recovery, but I will not be able to groom any pets until after October 25th, 2021. September 18 and 19, 2021, it will be this weekend. I was told after the fact of booking pets a 4-8 weeks ago that I’m supposed to quarantine myself till surgery, but that’s completely impossible. Please I am asking everyone who has booked to please wear a mask both at drop off and pick up, for my health before surgery. If you do there will be a 10% discount applied to you account for the simple thank you.

Bad News and Good News


But I do have some bad news on Wednesday September 1, 2021, Emma is no longer with our company and had abandon her position. However good news, thankfully we were able to find another employee, her name is Lisa K., she’s been grooming for 10 years and has held a salon managers position. She’s described herself as Kind, compassionate, empathetic, bubbly, smart, calm, humble, animal lover. I love being out in nature as much as I can with my family and pets. I love to learn constantly about animals. So please welcome her onboard when you all meet her.




Other News


I am working on a very important newsletter for everyone, and I am hoping to have that done soon, so please stay tuned for it come to you email box.








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